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Deltacron. What scientists know about a new COVID-19 variant.
⇒ Explore: COVID-19 Transformation Map

11 books to help understand the war in Ukraine.
⇒ Explore: Geopolitics Transformation MapWatch more Forum videos hereRwanda Joins the C4IR Network
 Focusing on data governance, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Rwanda has launched. On the Agenda: Energy TransitionThe Forum and its partners are collaborating to accelerate the energy transition. Explore insights from Forum thought leaders on energy challenges and opportunities in the pieces below.

Despite high prices, support for the energy transition: a new global survey.

How the Ukraine war is driving up energy and food prices.

10 million new jobs? Clean energy and the global jobs market.

Where the energy transition goes next, according to the COP26 President.

Wind power superpowers: which countries are ramping up deployment.

The International Energy Agency: its history and plan to cut out Russian gas.Strategic Intelligence
 From to blockchain, energy, global governance and more, explore and monitor the forces shaping our world.
On our radar: the war in UkraineThis week, explore expert insights from around the web on the war and its wider repercussions.

The Ukrainian exodus and Europe's selective treatment of refugees.

Quadbikes and crowdfunding: Ukraine's drone operators.

Mighty dollar. Why sanctions on Russia won't threaten its reserve status.

The decaying West. Understanding a worldview popular with the Russian elite.Artificial Intelligence for Children
The Forum and its partners have developed an AI for Children Toolkit to foster trustworthy AI for children and youth.
The World Economic Forum in the news
Highlights from media coverage of Forum initiatives and publications this past week.

Japan considers mandatory disclosure of gender parity data. Cites Global Gender Gap Report. (Reuters)

Energy prices and the energy transition. Coverage of Forum / Ipsos consumer survey. (Economic Times)

China leads the smart factory hall of fame. Coverage of new members of Forum's Global Lighthouse Network. (Enterprise IoT Insights)

Forum announces a new coalition of cities for urban aerial mobility. (SmartCitiesWorld)Read more about the World Economic Forum's media impact here.

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