“Z” the sign of war – a new swastika – is promoted by officials in the Russian north.

With a “Z” on his chest, the Governor of Murmansk views across border to Nordic neighborsAndrei Chibis had put on a shirt with Russia's war-symbol when he this weekend paid a visit to the Pechenga region.March 14, 2022
Amid reports about big losses in Ukraine, the Governor of Murmansk pays visit to affected brigadesGovernor Andrei Chibis on Friday traveled to the bases of the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade and the 61st Navel Infantry Brigade located in the Pechenga area near Norway and Finland.March 11, 2022Please, support Barents Observer's independent, fact-based nonprofit journalism. Your money will help us continue to be a voice for press freedom in the borderland to Russia in times of war and international trouble. All our articles are published in Russian language as Putin's war censorship torpedoes our colleagues' freedom to write at home. 

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Russia is leaving the Council of EuropeAccording to the Russian Foreign Ministry, “unfriendly members of the EU and NATO” are destroying the international organization.March 10, 2022
Russians who sign petitions against war are losing their jobsMarch 10, 2022
For almost 15 years they have published independent news from the Russian North. Now they are blockedOnline journal 7×7 have repeatedly repelled attacks from Russian censorship authorities. This week, the independent newsroom based in the north Russian region of Komi was switched off from the RuNet.March 09, 2022
Norway intends to keep seaports open to Russian shipsWe must not burn all bridges to the Russian people, the Norwegian Trade and Industry Minister says March 08, 2022
Oslo names street by Russian Embassy ‘Ukraine Square'But the north Norwegian border town of Kirkenes does not want to give a new name to the square near its local Russian general consulate.March 08, 2022
Russia's best journalists are fleeing the countryUnprecedented censorship laws are introduced and the few remaining independent media houses are blocked. In only few days, more than 150 journalists have left Russia.March 08, 2022
The Nazi-inspired symbol used by Russia in war against Ukraine finds way to downtown MurmanskIn a campaign supported by the regional governor, pictures of the letter Z painted in nationalist orange and black colors are handed out to locals in the far northern Russian region.March 07, 2022
Nordic countries halt all regional cooperation with RussiaThe war with Ukraine leads to a full suspension of Russia from the Barents Council, Nordic Council of Ministers, as well as the Council of the Baltic Sea States.March 06, 2022
More than 7,000 Russian researchers sign anti-war petition“We, Russian researchers and research journalists, declare our absolute protest against the military action started by the Armed Forces of our country on the territory of Ukraine,” reads the statement signed by a quickly growing part of Russia's science community.March 04, 2022
The capital of Lapland freezes partnership with MurmanskAnd donates €70,000 to Ukraine.March 04, 2022

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