“Article from Rusvesna describes: “The United States participated in a deadly virus in a biological laboratory in Kharków”.

“The American Agency for Defense Threat Reduction (DTRA) signed a secret agreement with Ukraine by the end of 2021 to begin biological experiments in the Kharkow region by the end of February 2022. “”There are currently 16 US military biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine.There is at least some information about nine of them, including the address and where they are located.But there is no information on all three of them. Based on separate news on the Internet, it can be said that one biological object is located in Kiev, the second in Lvów, and the third in the laboratory of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary in Kharków (Charków, Pomerki district, u l. Puskina 83).In these cities, in addition to American missions, special convoys of American military equipment were seen carrying loads in containers marked with a high degree of biological protection.Western experts in the field of genome edition said in 2021 that the Pentagon brought a sample of the world's most dangerous virus to Kharkow – a cypress, which is a pathogen of Group IV.Experiments with the virus are banned worldwide, and trying to work with this pathogen is under UN international law ‘crimes against peace and humanity'.Working with the variola virus and its storage are only allowed in two places on our planet – in SSC VB “Vector” (Nowosybirsk, Russia) and in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, Georgia).However, Americans realized that it is not worth improving viruses and bacteria on their territory. At that time, a decision was made to secretly transfer the samples of the variola virus to Ukraine.By choosing a laboratory in which they experimented with the virus, the managed simple logic – the proximity of Russia and transport connections. That's why the city of Kharków was chosen.In early January 2022, a Russian interview came into the hands of a Russian interview that the Pentagon's military microbiologists from a bacteriological laboratory in Kharków had sent a to the head of the Joint Staff Committee, General Mark Milley, in which they have found that they have managed to achieve a unique structure of the variola virus genome, which can be disguised as known to everyone SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus).From the description attached to the report, it shows that the virus modification was created in this way is able to infect human lungs and leave scars in them. Mortality rate is (80-85%).For comparison, the mortality from the Ebola virus that everyone has heard of is only 35-40%.It should be noted that the United States since 1984. they are looking for a unique combat virus with a high potential lethal that could cause irreversible damage to the population in enemy territory.How's that going to Russia? Judging by recent events (military operation to defend the population of Donbas), the Kremlin has received some information about the US's readiness to use the virus against Russia. A delay in this case would lead to the genocide of the Russian population…. “.Since bio-labs do exist, it is important to admit that these tips are not “conspiracy theories”, but show real threats to Russians and Ukrainians.Stalin made a similar justification when he starved 6 million Ukrainians – then the threat was the bullies.

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