Chemtrail Artifacts: Switching Trails On/Off, Malfunctioning Equipment, and Running Out of Chemicals.

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The process of injecting aerosols into the atmosphere involves a lot of hardware. Hardware fails. It's a fact of life. Also, you're going to run out of chemical aerosol eventually.

This collection of photos and videos shows failing equipment, oscillating trails, and what it looks like when trails are intentionally turned on and off.

Most likely explanation: Only one chemical aerosol pump was on or working when this photo was taken. This has nothing to do with “atmospheric conditions” as government p

Oscillations From Only One Engine

We have seen many artifacts of malfunctioning spray equipment. In this video, a pump or valve is oscillating causing a pulsing pattern in the emitted aerosols.


Chemtrail Artifacts: Long Trail, Short Trail, No Trail: Same Altitude, Same Time

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