Major events accelerating – Covid kidnapping begins, Holocaust survivors to be killed with corona vaccines.

Major events are suddenly accelerating. Engineered food famine is under way, and people are now being medically kidnapped by hospitals and law enforcement — both in the USA and Canada — for refusing to go along with covid testing.

That's right: You must submit to the or be imprisoned.

In Canada, they are grabbing people off incoming flights and throwing them into secret covid concentration camps. (See video below.)

In Europe, actual Holocaust survivors — now in their 80s and 90s — are being killed off with corona vaccines.

Meanwhile, the stock market is being exposed as a total fantasy fraud, and silver prices are exploding like crazy as the silver manipulation fraud is about to be completely taken down. This is way bigger than GameStop and Robinhood…

I will have a new Situation Update for you Monday morning that covers all this breaking news and more.

Until then, check out the feature stories below and keep preparing for the upheaval that's coming.

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